When it comes to residential metal roof repair, your property has two options: you either have a corrugated or standing seam variant. Regardless, you can depend on metal roofs because of their aluminum or zinc coating, which guarantees a 70-year lifespan and even beyond.

However, metal roofs aren’t infallible and will need metal roof repair when possible. Even if you have higher-density and durability standing seam metal, they can leak and suffer from damages over time. Let’s look at the common causes of metal roof damage and leaks.

In their Metal Roofing Learning Center, Sheffield Metal International shared a video about the highly-likely causes of metal roof damage, which may indicate which type of metal roof repair you may need. True enough, they shared our sentiments and even have an infographic to help you:

7 Common Problems That Could Affect Your Metal Roof

No product in the world is perfect, no matter how much money it’s worth or how well it’s cared for. You could be in a lucky situation where nothing ever goes wrong with something you’ve purchased or you could experience one or more problems at any given time. It all just depends.

Metal roofing is no different.

While there are variables affecting the problems that could occur with metal roofing, sometimes things just happen that are beyond human control. This might not be the answer you’re looking for, but just know that there tend to be fewer long-term problems associated with metal roofing than asphalt shingles or concrete tiles. (Read full post here)

Image credit: Sheffields Metals international

Corrugated roofs were made to withstand leaks and survive for more than 70 years. However, they can still suffer from damages. Excessive moisture, strong wind damage, rusting, and strong winds can cause leaks and internal roof damage instantly. Therefore, knowing how to repair corrugated metal roofs is greatly important.

SFGate has a great tutorial on how to repair corrugated metal roofs. If you want to know the basics, just keep reading. You’ll learn so much after you’re done with the basics guide.

How to Fix Leaks in a Corrugated Metal Roof


Access the roof using en extension ladder. Inspect each row of nails or screws by walking on the row instead of between rows. The latter can bend the metal panels.

Pull out any nails that are raised up using a nail bar. Drive a 1 1/2-inch aluminum screw-nail where a nail was removed, using a hammer. Drive a screw-nail next to a nail where the head is rusted away. For steel screws where the heads are rusted away, use a cordless drill and screw-tip attachment to drive a 1-inch galvanized-steel screw next to the screw.

Apply urethane roof cement where a new nail or screw was installed with a plastic putty knife.

Inspect the caulked seams around the upper edges of flashing where pipes or vent ducts go through the roof. If cracks or gaps are noted, remove loose caulking around the seam with a wire brush. Apply urethane roof cement fully around the upper portion of the flashing and onto the base of the pipe or duct with a plastic putty knife.

Roof Panel Edges

Look for gaps where the edges of each metal panel overlaps onto an adjacent panel. Gaps as small as 1/8 inch can be a source of leaks during hard rains.

Remove debris and rust from the surface of the panels at the area of a gap using the wire brush. Apply uniform layer of metal-roofing base coat 6 inches each way of the gap at the overlap with a paintbrush.

Cover the base coat with a piece of glass-membrane fabric. Cut the fabric to size with fabric shears. Apply a topcoat of urethane cement over the membrane and extend to coat 6 inches onto the surrounding roofing.

Things You Will Need (Continued here)

Now, if you’re about to fix high-density, highly durable, and exceptionally-performing standing seam metal roofing, there’s a separate set of steps and routines to follow. True enough, it can be more complicated, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Here are everything you need to know to repair your standing seam metal roofs to full functionality.

How to Repair a Standing Seam Metal Roof

What You’ll Need

A standing seam metal roof is designed for durability and strength, but sometimes, it can still get damaged due to impact caused by a falling tree branch or a storm. Below are steps on how to repair it.

Step 1 – Assess the Damage

Climb up the roof for visual inspection. If a foreign object punctures the roof, the damage requires patching. If the surface is merely scratched, application of a good roof coating product is sufficient.

Step 2 – Prep the Area

Whatever repair method you use, it is necessary to prep the area, so that the patch, coating or paint that will be applied will adhere firmly on the surface. To do so, wash the area with detergent solution and then rinse with water. Next, mix oxygen bleach and water at 50:50 ratio and use it to remove organisms such as mold or algae from the surface, that can affect with the adhesion of the patch, coating or paint. Allow to dry. Apply paint stripper on the area and then scour loose paint and the primer using a putty knife. Use a wire brush if necessary. Sand the surface afterward, using medium grit sandpaper.

Step 3 – Membraning

The membraining method is fit for small narrow cracks only, especially for small dents in the seams. Go to Step 4 for punctured holes wider than 1 inch in diameter.

Prep the area as described above. Next, apply a sufficient amount of acrylic roof coat at least 2 inches wide on both sides of the crack. Before the coating dries, cut flexible polyester fabric designed for roof patching, at least 2 inches wider than the area of the seam requiring a patch repair. Place the fabric directly on top of the coating and press it firmly with the putty knife. Apply a second coat of acrylic roof coat. Let it cure. (Read the full steps here)

True enough, any professional will tell you that repairing metal roofs is no easy task. However, when it comes down to it, it takes time to learn and improve your skills and equipment over time.

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