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Welcome to Brampton Roofing. In the last 17 years, we have been Brampton’s dependable local roofers with in-depth experience providing high-quality roofing repairs, replacements, and installations.

We began as a small collective of roofers with less than five professionals specializing in different fields. Over time, our ranks grew as more people understood what Brampton residents and property owners needed: top-notch roofing services we appropriate for long-term longevity.

With this in perspective, our passion is to provide you with excellent roofing services worth every penny you pay for us. In addition, we never leave you in the dark; you’re the first to know about complete roof material estimates, material quality, manufacturers we work with, and the overall project timeline.

Why Customers Love Brampton Roofing’s Services:

  • We return calls and messages as quick as possible.
  • Our team provides complete estimates without hidden fees.
  • We provide free inspections and comprehensive cost estimates.
  • Professionals work with both residential and commercial roofing projects.
  • We may have formulas for common roof problems, but we adapt for any problem and hiccups that comes along the way — and we fix it 100% before we even leave your premises.

You may have heard of Brampton Roofing from our repeat customers. If you’re a new customer, we guarantee only exceptional and honest results.

We work with the best roofing manufacturers and materials possible. Brampton Roofing’s long-term relationship with them has helped down drive down costs to reasonable and even money-saving levels. Even if we have become a local community go-to company, we still put in mind every single factor that helps us give you 100% satisfaction with our service.

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